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10-11-12 MAY 2006

Bologna, Italy

International Meeting Announcement


This web site is frozen since the project is finished.

All the relevant forecasting systems are now available at the following web page

Mediterranean Operational Oceanography Network - MOON.

    MFSTEP project




The Project aims at the further development of an operational forecasting system for the Mediterranean Sea based upon three main components: a) the Near Real Time Observing system; b) the numerical forecasting systems at basin scale and for regional areas; c) the forecast products dissemination/exploitation system.
The problems to be solved belong to three major categories:
1) Technology developments, connected to the new instrumentation for NRT monitoring and the provision of NRT protocols for data dissemination, comprehensive of telecommunication technology and quality control procedures;
2) Scientific development, connected to the understanding of the sampling scheme for different measuring platforms, the design and implementation of data assimilation schemes for different spatial scales, the ecosystem modelling validation/calibration experiments at the basin and the coastal areas scale and the development of data assimilation techniques for biochemical data;
3) Exploitation developments, consisting of software interfaces between forecast products and oil spill modelling, general contaminant dispersion models, relocatable emergency systems, search and rescue models, and fish stock observing systems. In addition, the study of forecast economic value and impact will be carried out.

Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Nadia Pinardi (INGV,Italy)
Project Director: Giovanni Coppini (INGV, Italy)

EU Contract Number EVK3-CT-2002-00075



Mediterrranean Data Distribution
April 2006. Coriolis data centre has set up a daily distribution the data related to the Mediterranean (collected from both MFSTEP project and outside projects).
The area taken in account includes :
N34.8 N38.8 W5.4 W0.5 AND N30.2 N46  W0.5 E38.8

All new in-situ measurements are distributed in daily ftp files :
Data should be available early in the morning: 01:00 AM
Format is the Argo NetCDF

More information on
Daily Forecast for SCRM and ALERMO
February 2006. MFSTEP-SCRM (Sicily Channel Regional Model) and MFSTEP ALERMO (Aegean-Levantine model) are now operating on daily basis.
Sea Surface Temperature: Monthly Animations Available
January 2006. SST and SST anomalies movies are available on the MFSTEP web site.
The field are computed from the MFS Analyses based on high resolution model (1/16°).
Mediterranean Operational Oceanography Network - MOON
Monday 5 – Wednesday 7, December 2005
Central CNR site,
Piazzale Aldo Moro,7
Rome, Italy
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